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June 8th, 2019- Abiquiú

La Merced del Pueblo de Abiquiú

La Merced del Pueblo Abiquiú was established on May 10, 1754, by the Governor of this kingdom de Nuevo México, Tomás Vélez Cachupín. Los Indios Genízaros (genízaro identifies the Plains, Apache and Navajo Indians that were supplemental soldiers in the protection of the Pueblos and communities along the Ute frontier) included was a Minister of Christian Doctrine: Fray Felix José de Ordoñez y Machado.

The mission of the Merced del Pueblo Abiquiú is to preserve the merced for its heirs and their families and to promote a sustainable and healthy community. The mission is based in history, culture, language, customs, traditions, economics, agriculture and ecology. Also, to engage the community ( within and beyond the merced boundaries) in developing and improving the community.

Board of Trustees
President: David Archuleta
Vice-President: Frank Lopez
Secretary: Joddie Valdez
Treasurer: Tomás Barela
Range Manager: Max Archuleta
Contact Information:

PO Box 179
Abiquiú, NM 87510


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